The Balance Myth

The balance myth…everyone is chasing it.  Books are written on it, systems are sold offering it, speakers are booked promising to deliver it.  I have some good news and some bad news.  Good news: you can achieve balance.  Bad news: you can’t say yes to everything.

Let’s start with a few questions.  What is the last thing you said NO to?  How did you feel about that?  Did you feel guilty?  Did you feel like you had failed?  Can you even remember the last time you consciously said no?

The myth that you can have it all, do it all and be it all is exactly that… a myth.  Here is the truth, you can have everything YOU want.  You just can’t DO everything that everyone else wants. Saying no is essential to balance and success.  Until you can gracefully and strategically say no, balance will elude you.

Think of it this way, every time you say YES to something, you say NO to something else by default. There are only 24 hours in the day.  You can’t cram 30 hours into 24, even the “perfect” planner.  When you try, you end up overwhelmed, overloaded and out of balance.

Learn to be as proud of the things you say NO to as you are of the things you say YOU to.

Happy Sunday!


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