Goals: Are You turning in D work?

When it comes to goal setting are you turning in D grade work?

I recently asked a coaching group this question.  As we discussed their monthly personal sales and sponsoring goals, I found that most were focused on their compensation plan minimums.  This is a group of up and coming leaders with tremendous potential and big dreams.  So why were they focusing there?

What is a minimum? It is the very least that you can do and still qualify for a carer level or rank.  Think about that for a minute.. the very least.  One dollar less, one new team member less and you… well… fail for the month.

If we look at that in terms of school grades, your compensation plan requirement is a D. Too often companies, leaders and teams speak only about these minimums.  That focus takes this D work and elevates to A work.. a goal.  Minimums are not goals, they are fail safes.  If you have a bad month, that amount is all you “have” to do.

Look at your own goals and then look at what you are celebrating within your team.  Are people making “Honor Roll” for D work in your organization or are you building A students?


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