Why are you selling?

Are you reaching out to customers and sharing your product because you need it {the money} or because they need it {the benefits}?

Your motivation comes through loud and clear so take a minute before posting, calling or going live to get your thoughts centered.  What are the benefits?  Why might someone need this product?  What are the problems that it solves?

Posts like “I am only $78 away from my goal.  Help me”  or the ever popular  “I have been challenged to sell 5 sets” scream “I NEED THE MONEY”.  These types of posts completely ignore the real motivating factor of why people buy.  They buy, because it fills a need in their life.  These types of posts also turn people off instantly.

If sales are flagging or you receive negative feedback from your friends regarding your posts, change your approach.  Lead with benefit on social media.  Step back from what you need and let your product passion shine through.  When contacting people via phone, text, message or email.. take the time to get to know them.  Stop trying to sell and start recommending based on their needs.  Sales is service!

Go take care of someone today!


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