New Consultant Success

At a time when we have the most marvelous technology to create new consultants training programs… we see some of the lowest engagement in our history. There are some remarkable programs that serve our industry offering real time chat, dynamic content, live quizzes and “gamefication” style rewards like badges and shooting stars. Two decades ago, we had a paper welcome packet that we mailed or dropped off.

So why with all of this amazing technology do we see such low engagement rates and lack of retention? The answer is simple, it is the human factor. When all we had was a paper packet or an email version if you were super techie, a sponsor spent time mentoring that new consultant. There was human encouragement, advice and relationships were formed. The components of that relationship gave the new Consultant two very important things: courage and a desire to please their mentor.

If your company or your team is not getting the ROI you desire from this all important demographic, look at how your leaders are managing the process. THEY are the secret ingredient to success. Teach them to truly mentor and watch your results soar!


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