Email Marketing Don’ts

This week’s email marketing don’t is:  Add all of your contacts to your email list.

This is actually illegal, Federally illegal.  Each name on your email list MUST be permission based.  This means that they requested information from you.  Adding people who have not requested information from you can get you (or your entire company) flagged for spam or even fined.  You can research the Can-Spam Act (yes it applies to you as a direct seller) for more information.

Building and maintaining and email list apart from social media is an important strategy for a stable business.  You don’t actually own your list on any social media platform.  You do own your email list.  Here are a few ways to effectively build your list.  Remember that it takes time and is an ongoing process.

  1. Use your social media accounts to drive traffic to your email list by offering a drawing, free report or guide.
  2. Use your email list to data capture at vendor events
  3. Offer party guests (in-person and virtual) the opportunity to receive future information via email

Look for upcoming tips on building compelling content!


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