Holiday Email Marketing

In the ever changing lanscape of social media, it more important than ever to maintain an email list.  It is the only list you truly own.

I exclusively recommend Constant Contact because they support our industry.  Check the anti-DS clause on Survey Monkey before deciding… Anyway, once you have a list, here are some content tips!

Holiday Tips

From tree-trimming to fashion to recipes, tips are top when it comes to content!  Stumped for ideas, do A little googling!

Holiday Sale!

Pick a day (or days) to offer exclusive discounts to customers during the holiday season.   You can also offer daily or weekly specials and promote them to your email list in a drip campaign.  Leverage what your company is offering or create your own specials!

Holiday Giveway

Everyone loves to win! Registering is a great engagement piece! Ask readers to share the contest on social media for extra traction.  Constant Contact has a social share built right in!

Final tip, give email campaigns time.  It can take up to 72 hours for someone to check email.

Happy Marketing,


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