Messenger Rooms for Virtual Parties

Hello party peeps!

The phenomenon of Covid19 has affected the direct sales industry like so many others.  In a way it has been good for us. It has forced us to re-embrace old school customer care along with new technology.

As platforms raced to better connect people, new ways to party began to materialize… options that better mimic face to face and yield better results.  Here is a new favorite: Facebook Rooms!  You can create rooms in a number of ways: on your profile, in events and in groups!

Why I love it for on line parties!

  1. People are already on Facebook. It is easier than getting them to move over to zoom or google hangouts.
  2. It can be added to a group and used in place of a live for the “party” portion.
  3. It can be used in events which actually make more sense to me than groups for hosted parties
  4. You can hold hosted parties in your VIP group INSTEAD of creating a seperate group for every one you hold.  As an added bonus, you have all those new members in your VIP Group!
  5. It hold up to 50 participants
  6. It is free
  7. It mimics live interaction with everyone on screen and participating


What I don’t Love in the beta version

  1. You can’t record the video hang out or re-access it
  2. People have to use the latest version of Chrome
  3. The option appears in your group but FB is unclear on what triggers the addition

Have you used this new feature?  Let me hear from you?


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