Evaluating a Direct Sale Opportunity

I get so many requests for help in choosing the right company  that I though I would blog about it.  I think choosing the right company for you is incredibly important and integral to your success.  Your DS  business is a lot like a marriage so choose your partner wisely!  Here is my humble opinion.

I think the MOST important component is LOVE of the product.  I am not talking about lukewarm like, but love of it.  I believe that to be successful you have to know that you have the best product on the market.  I think it fuels your passion to share it with enthusiasm and kindles your desire to expose other people to it!

A QUALITY product that has a high value.  People want to get their money’s worth, especially in today’s economy.  It needs to hold up well (non-consumable),  last long and offer visible results if it is a consumable.   You have to be able to offer them a value.  This does not mean an inexpensive product.  It means a good product at a great price.  Typically a good company offers a Department store or designer products at a fraction of the cost.  If your customers can get a better product at an equal price at the mall, you might want to look elsewhere.

A Management Team with a proven track record in Direct Sales.  It isn’t enough to be successful in traditional business.  Creating a successful volunteer sales force is very different than motivating paycheck employees.  There are also training components, marketing consideration and motivational aspects that are not required in traditional business.  So a seasoned team is essential.  Lack of experience is credited as one of the top 3 reasons start ups fail.  When all else fails, Google them!

Comprehensive Training (close to my heart).  There is a major learning curve when entering DS.  You have to learn to sell yourself first, create desire for your product, how to sell the product AND how to sell your opportunity.  You will become a one woman (or man) marketing firm, advertising agency, office staff, sales staff and motivational speaker.  Success takes good, comprehensive training.  I will tell you that this is where most companies fall short (which is what keeps me employed)!  Even if your company offers good sales support, you will always want to reach out to industry experts to round out your education.  Some of the greatest lessons I ever learned were from Independent Trainers.   All of the great ones eventually strike out on their own!  Companies can not afford to pay them!

A fair and  lucrative compensations plan.  This is where you truly make your money.  As you progress through the career plan less and less of your money will be from your show sales so it is imperative that the plan is workable and pays you well.  Be sure to compare other compensation plans from that industry.  If volume requirements seem to high or percentages seem too low, buyer be ware.

Consistency in methods and message.  How we handle the “little things” is an indication of how we handle the larger things.  Darren Hardy says “Show me who you are in one aspect of your life and I will tell you who you are”.  The devil is absolutely in the details!  That being said, change is part of every company.  Be sure that the company you are looking at has a clear cut vision of where they are going,  how they will get there and a proven track record of getting there in Direct Sales!

I hope that helps!

Michelle has over 20 years experience as a Director, Trainer and Coach in the Direct Sales Industry.  For more information,  to retain Michelle for personal coaching or to speak to your organization, visit

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