Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus

This is  a little off topic but hopefully it will leave you blessed.  A dear friend of mine is working part time at Kmart this Holiday Season.  She posted the following on her FaceBook page yesterday  

“Working in retail this holiday season has been rough at times. However, today a person came in who made up for all of the many ill-mannered, grumpy people that happen by the Service Desk. A man came in and asked to pay on someone’s layaway. He asked the ladies to find an order that had a variety of toys in it. They did as he asked and he paid off all but $3.00. He wrote an anonymous note and had it placed inside the box. “

I can imagine a single mother working fiercely to pay for that layaway by Christmas Eve.  I imagine her short by a few dollars and trudging into to Kmart to “take a few things off”. I can feel the heart ache of a mother wanting desperately to provide for her children.   I can see the look on her face when she is told that she only owes $3.  It is a Christmas miracle.. her Christmas miracle.  

I was so struck and humbled by this.  What struck me so tangibly is this… we can ALL be someone’s miracle.  We all complain and grumble looking for someone else to fix it, never realizing that WE are the answer to prayer.  I know that we may not all be able to pay off an entire layaway.  I am reminded of a famous quote by Mother Teresa… “Do small things with great love”.  For so many struggling families, it comes down to that last $10.  Most of us can skip Starbucks twice or bring our lunch and come up with an $10.  The deeds do not have to be grand, just done with love.  

I will close with another famous quote… “Yes, VIRGINIA, there is a Santa Claus. He exists as certainly as love and generosity..”.  In this season that is increasingly framed by negativity, I am reminded that Santa (and Christmas by extension)  lives in our kind deeds, a warm smile, holding the door for a stranger, buying an extra meal or letting someone over in traffic. Not in verbiage in a tv commercial or signage in a department store.   WE are Christmas, we are Santa and the true spirit is in us. 

Now that you are crying along with me, I bid you a  very Merry Christmas, a Happy Hanukkah  and a beautiful Holiday Season full of peace!

Foot note:  I have been so touched by those this story has inspired.  I have heard from so many people doing the same.  I love checking my FB inbox and seeing notes… I paid $100 on a layaway that was behind… All I could do was $50… We recently sold some property and I paid off 3 layaways at my local Kmart…  What  beautiful, selfless acts.  Your generosity is a blessing and an inspiration!

 Michelle Archer is a certified coach with over 20 years experience in direct sales. Michelle works with companies and individuals to explode their business potential. Connect with her on Facebook Learn more at

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