Recruiting Tip

Recruiting Tip:  Don’t Assume That You Understand the Question

One of the BIGGEST mistakes I see in recruiting is overloading your potential team member with too much information.  This happens when we answer questions without thinking it through.  As teambuilder, we must learn to clarify the questions.  TMI overloads potential Consultants and can place more questions in their heads than answers!  This most often results in her “Thinking about it”.

An example might be:
 “I need to learn more about the company”.

That may not mean the same thing to her that it does to you.  There are a dozen things she may want to know.   She may want to know the: story, their financials  the makeup of the corporate team, if its a public company, what the competition is, how long they have been in business… the list in nearly endless.

Instead of unloading a shotgun blast of information, ASK!

You might say, “Its such a wonderful company.  What kind of information are you interested in?”.  When you truly understand her question, THEN you can effectively answer HER question.

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