Book and Win

Hot Dates
Hot Dates are a great way to create a sense of urgency, increase your bookings, book in close and control your calendar!  The concept is simple!  Print a 30 day calendar and designate certain dates in the next 3 weeks as {HOT DATES}.  These can be the days of the week you prefer to work or just a variety of dates in the next 3 weeks.  You can distinguish these dates by either highlighting or placing stickers on the date.

A super simple way to create a {GAME OF CHANCE} is to place colored dots or symbols under the stickers.  The future Hostess writes her name in the square and peels off the sticker to reveal her gift!  Choose inexpensive gifts for the bulk of the stickers but place a grand prize under one sticker.  A grand prize might be a $25 gift certificate.   {TIP} reduce the power of the adhesive by sticking it to your fingertip before applying to the paper.  It will peel off more easily.

Additional Ways to Reward
Mystery envelopes- Numbered envelopes.  When the future Hostess selects a party date, she also selects an envelope   Have her sign across the back flap of the envelope.  Bring it to her show and have her open it in front of her guests. Not only does this ensure that she will hold her party {so that she can see what is in her envelope} but it will encourage her guests to take an envelope of their own! You can use a greater number of envelopes {30 or so} for this game and include a higher value grand prize {$50-$100}. 

Gift Boxes
Purchase small jewelry gift boxes from the party supply.  Place a card with a gift typed on it {or the picture of a gift} inside of each box.  When the future Hostess selects her date, she also gets to select a gift box.  You may allow her to open it on the spot or build the suspense by holding the gift for her show!

Origami Shapes
There are dozens of websites which will teach you to fold adorable origami shapes perfect for holding your prize slips or gift images!

Fortune Cookies 
You can also have custom fortune cookies created with your booking gift slips inside.

Whatever you do KISS {Keep It Super Simple}.  Don’t spend hours creating scratch and win cards or similar concepts.  Remember that time is money.  Keep your dollar per hour high by keeping your method simple!


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