Very often we have great conversations in our private DSI group. Today was about this social media image. I had to stop and blog about this concept.

In a word DON’T… do not… danger Will Robinson….I repeat … don’t go there!Why? Well here are just a few reasons:

#1 You destroy the retail credibility of your brand~ You send the message that no one really pays retail for your product. You send the message that your product is too expensive. You send the message that … it isn’t worth it.

#2 You destroy the validity of your opportunity ~ If it’s just a “good deal” then it really isn’t a business. She will ALWAYS treat it like a hobby. Anyone she recruits will treat it like a hobby.

#3 You destroy the viability of the earning potential ~After all, if no one pays retail then no one really make money.

#4 You build a low yield team ~Remember, no one really pays retail and this really isn’t a business. The belief system is low and no one is here to succeed. They are just consuming. Fun fact: because they really are not consultants and not well versed in the product, they don’t consume all that much.

#5 You set yourself up to fail ~ How can you succeed as a leader with a team of pseudo consultants? Failing isn’t fun. It isn’t fun struggling for promotions. It isn’t fun not getting to walk across stage. It isn’t fun watching other succeed while you struggle for minimums.

#6 You set yourself up for exhaustion~ Your time will be spent spoon feeding an entire team of 90 dayers that you are constantly yanking back from the brink of inactivity.

If we had just been patient… loved her as a client…romanced the opportunity…tapped into her dream.. she could have been amazing. WE could have changed her life. Sometimes we are so impatient we sacrifice success for instant gratification.


PS. This is usually the point where someone pops up and says “I joined my company as a kit napper and became a top performer”. That is one in a million. In my humble opinion having worked in the field and on the corporate side, the damage far outweighs any benefit.

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