A gift for Lia Sophia Advisors

Dear Lia Sophia Advisors
I have a gift for you.  I know your heart is breaking. I know people are swarming about you and you just want to grieve. You are in shock and you are angry. If you are a leader, you have a team on this journey so your duty weighs you down.  Most of us in direct sales have been there.  I want you to know that it will be okay. You may not be able to see it from where you are, but I promise you it will. Eventually, you will see this as a stepping stone in your evolution.  I get that right now it feels like catastrophe.

Beyond knowing it will be alright, I also know that you are an incredibly talented woman with a desirable skill set. You built that skill in the proving ground that is Lia Sophia and you couldn’t have learned those lessons anywhere else. It HAD to be that company at that time. I also know that somewhere is a company who needs YOU to change it forever. You couldn’t do that while still at Lia. It has to be this way for you to embrace your “bigger”.

Realize too, that this is “draft week”. You are major talent. I know that you feel besiege by hungry vultures.  YOU are in control. Accept each offer for review later. Let them know that you are not making any decisions at this time. You will know when it is time.

When your head is swimming, sometimes you need and objective voice.  I am happy to lend that ear to any Lia Sophia Advisor during this time.    Nothing super formal here.  Message us at the fan page  or email us to schedule a little sole searching time with me.

WHY?  What do I want, nothing.  Why would I do this?  Because sometimes good people just do good things.  It is Christmas after all  🙂  Truly, I consider it a little pro bono work for the greater good of our industry! We can’t afford to lose you.

Dust yourself off and message me.

———————————————- Michelle Archer is a certified coach with nearly 25 years experience in direct sales. Michelle works with companies and individuals to explode their business potential. Connect with her on Facebook Learn more at http://directsalesinstitute.com/

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