Pokemon and Your Direct Sales Business

Unless you live under a rock, you are seeing Pokemon everywhere (yes that kids game from the 90’s). It has definitely reached craze status.  There have been 7.5 million downloads of this app. Millions of people {grown adults} are running around the country collecting fictitious characters. Let’s think about that for a second…  time, energy, gas and effort to collect make believe characters that have zero worth in the real world.  It is surreal when you think about it.

I get allure.. it’s cool technology… it’s fun… we all need recreation…you can learn about the community etc.  I understand all of that.  As a business coach here is the question that I can’t help but ponder… how many of the Pokemon playing direct sales entrepreneurs “can’t” find clients, “can’t” find new team members and “can’t” find bookings?  How many are frustrated in their businesses, falling behind on their goals and worried about the future?  It’s ironic isn’t it?

What would happen if those entrepreneurs approached their businesses like they approach this game? What if they set goals in their business like the goals in this game?   What if they invested that time, energy and effort into fulfilling those goals? What if they went out in the community (the real world)  not to COLLECT  Pokemon but to CONNECT with people?  What would the state of their businesses be with 3 to 5 CONNECTIONS a day?

I’d love to hear from you below!


Michelle Archer is a seasoned, veteran executive in the direct selling industry with 25 years of experience. Her past corporate and field experience gives her a fresh perspective on business, success and direct selling. She partners with young companies and individuals through executive coaching and consulting to explode their potential. Connect with her on Facebook Learn more at http://directsalesinstitute.com/

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