Time to Bloom Sydney

Today, we had this post scheduled on the DSi Fan Page.  We schedule many things ahead of time.

Today, this also happened. That is a High school uniform!  HIGH SCHOOL!

Wait, what happened to this child?

Sorry, I digress.  Back to the point.

For my Husband and I (I assume like many other parents), High school is a bit of a letting go.  High school can be HARD.   As parents we all want to shelter and protect.  It is difficult to keep that impulse in check.   As a coach, I reminded that flowers need both the sun and the rain to grow.  She needs the lessons that she will learn in the next four years.  Some will be hard lessons and that is difficult as a parent. Some will be joyful lessons.  It is her time to grow and find that part of her that we can’t teach or give.  All we can do is support her and hope that we have prepared her well for this experience.

Time to bloom Sydney,

Love Mom

Michelle Archer is a seasoned, veteran executive in the direct selling industry with 25 years of experience. Her past corporate and field experience gives her a fresh perspective on business, success and direct selling. She partners with young companies and individuals through executive coaching and consulting to explode their potential. Connect with her on Facebook Learn more at http://directsalesinstitute.com/

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