‘Tis the Season Vendor Events

Vendor events are a main stay for direct sellers in the fall.  As direct sellers we have more to offer and more to gain  than the average vendor merchant.  Set your booth up to capitalize on everything that you have to offer:  amazing products, host rewards and the business opportunity.

Station 1: Help people fall in love with product.  Create your product experience station with best sellers and testers.The key to this station is having guests touch, feel and experience.

Station 2: Host Rewards.  Once they are in love, show them how they can earn free product.  Create a display of products a Host would earn with a $500-$750 in person event.  Have your calendar with hot dates as well as your booking game ready to go!

Station 3: Business Opportunity.  Let visitors know that they can have it all.  Display your company kit with representations of the rewards (play money, trips, cars, jewelry, friendship, flexibility etc).  Add opportunity packages tied with ribbon for those who would like more information.

As a final tip,  data capture.  Say goodbye to fishbowl style drawings.   Instead, offer drawings for those who: book, buy and take home business information.  Fully capture their data when entering them in that particular drawing.  You are better served to leave with 20 people who you can contact than 200 of names on drawing slips.  Your yield will be far greater.  If you would like a “catch all” ask them to like your business page.

Good luck!




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