Monday Morning Club

During the pandemic I took a break from speaking and coaching. Travel ground to a halt and so did opportunities. Honestly, I needed the break and used that time to pursue a project with my Daughter.

Recently, I have felt a strong calling to step back into a more active role of empowering and encouraging women (and men) in business as we transition back into business as usual. It has been on my mind for months … how to help, where to help, who to help? How do I make the difference I was put here to make? During that time, I have been working on a few things.

One of those things is a simple Monday Morning Club! Need a pick me up, weekly motivation, inspiration or maybe just a fresh idea on what to share with your customers and followers? Opt in to our Club. Start the week off BRIGHT with one Monday morning text! I hope it brings you joy and success!

Text monday to (615) 246-7042

P.S. Randomly selected club members receive happy mail each month!

~ Michelle

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