50 Social Media Topics for Direct Sellers

Creating fresh topics for your blog and social media accounts can get a little overwhelming.   There is already so much to think about, your family, your team, dinner, customers… how long has it been since anyone changed that water filter in the fridge.  Anyway, here are some topics to get you started.

All Companies

  • Motivational Quotes
  • Lifestyle Shots With Product
  • Share Something Funny- everyone can use a good laugh
  • Share Your Why Story
  • Answer a Question -pick a common question from customers
  • Quick Meals for Busy Women Like You
  • Share Something Popular or Trendy – Pumpkin Latte Anyone
  • Wacky Holidays- Time And Date has a great list
  • Customer Reviews or Positive Feedback
  • Spotlight a Customer
  • Share Your View or Workspace
  • Debunk a Myth that Relates to Your Industry or Product
  • Share a Stat or Fact
  • Give a Shout Out to Another Page and Tag Them
  • Share a Hack or Helpful Tip
  • Bridal or Wedding Tips
  • Business tips anyone can use

Jewelry & Fashion


Fashion trends
Outfit pairings
Color trends
Metal trends
Jewelry care
Jewelry storage
Jewelry history
Jewelry traditions
Birthstone meanings 

Health & Wellness


Fashion trends
Fitness trends
Fitness history and icons
Health information
Stress relief
Healthy meals
Nutrition facts
Meditation & relaxation
Before & afters

Cosmetics & Skincare 

Fashion trends
Color trends
Skincare tips
Nail care tips
Ingredient features
Brush & tool care
Before and afters
Application techniques

Food & Cooking Companies

Food trends
Quick recipes
Holiday Entertaining Ideas
Storage tips
Plating techniques
Home decor trend

That should be enough to get you started.  Have fun and get creative!


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