Ready for my close up

Back in the day the very last thing on any direct sellers list was lighting. Today it is essential whether for a selphie or snapping product pics, lighting makes the difference. Gone are the days when you could simply use the marketing stills from your company. Original content is key from still to videos. Here are a few of my favorite light rings that are great and affordable.

My Cell Phone ring. Is collapses down to a table top size or can extend to a floor lamp. Lightweight and easy to transport. It has a remote, 10 light levels and 3 light colors. Super easy to use!

My Laptop Ring
This is an 18 inch ring with 2 colors of filter and infinite light settings. It is BRIGHT at the highest setting. I call it the big gun. It also has a remote and comes with a cell phone mount. I love it!

Light Box

I also have a light box. It is great for shooting products but not mandatory. You can use your light ring too. A light box gives you a solid background that can easily be photoshopped or enhanced using Canva. This one collapses down for storage although it spends most of its life on the guest room bed. The light level is great and the colored backdrops help add variety to shots.

These are the tools in my arsenal! Have a different favorite? Share with us.


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