Tagging is a controversial social media tactic. Before I get into today’s tech tip let me say that I am not a fan of this practice.  It may be tech savvy but it is people foolish.  YES you may get your business in front of new people BUT you can also alienate the person you tagged.  Don’t be surprised if they quietly unfriend you. Secondly, it can make you look like a spammer to their friends.  In that case,  those friends might be less likely to do business with you.   Finally, if a few people to report you to facebook, you can get put in facebook jail or have your account deactivated.  It is a very RISKY practice with little to no gain. There are FAR better ways to use social media for positive results.

Today’s blog is for those of you weary from being tagged in irrelevant posts by friends and strangers. It’s called “Timeline Review” and it may be your new best friend.    All you need to do is enable the review.  When someone tags you, you will receive a notification.  You will have the option to either accept the tag or decline the tag.  If you decline the tag, it will not post to your timeline and will not be visible by your friends.  Here’s how!

Go to your activity log

Click “Timeline Review” on the left.  Then click the daisy wheel which will open the review panel. Select enabled.

Now, anytime you are tagged, facebook will give you the option to review it.  I

 Michelle Archer is a certified coach with nearly 25 years experience in direct sales. Michelle works with companies and individuals to explode their business potential. Connect with her on Facebook Learn more at http://directsalesinstitute.com/

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