5 Things to STOP Doing On Facebook


Recently word began to ripple through Facebook that droves of Direct Sellers had been “Banned” from posting to groups and fan pages.  While some may have been innocently caught up in this sweep, the crackdown itself is the result of poor social media practices and complaints on the part of users.
Social media is social in nature.  People are there to connect, catch up and be entertained.  They are not on social media to be sold to, targeted or recruited.  Social media is an incredible opportunity to share, pique people’s curiosity and begin a conversation.  It is not a sales channel per-say.
Here are some tips to keep you out of Facebook jail, unblocked, and in the good graces of your friends.
1. STOP adding all of your “friends” to your group without their consent.  Poll after poll finds that people find this practice irritating and often offensive.  You can not create a conversation and build your business by alienating people. They can also report your group as spam which can get you put in jail and can even get your group removed. Have a conversation about your business, build a little desire, THEN offer your VIP group.  So to recap: adding people to groups without asking first is a social media turnoff.    
2. STOP posting about your business in your personal feed multiple times a day
Your message goes flat if you talk about your business TOO MUCH on your personal profile.  Posting a link (or worse, a price) takes it from a share conversation to a sales pitch. Remember your goal is conversation.  If someone unfollows, they never see another thing you post.  ALL opportunity to book, sell or sponsor is then lost. Recap: All will be lost 
3. STOP posting links to your website in dozens of groups multiple times per day
Posting multiple links in a short time span makes you look like a spammer to Facebook’s algorithms because let’s face it… it’s spammy behavior.  I realize that it is taught but it is still spammy.  I realize “everyone does it”.  Yes, and they look like spammers.  The bulk of those posts go unread.   The other members are all too busy posting their links.  Have conversations with people in groups instead.  Comment on their link and build a relationship (since they won’t see what you write on the wall).    THAT is real networking.  Recap: It is ineffective and you will look like a spammer.
4. STOP creating self promoting posts on other fan pages.  This is absolutely unforgivable and it WILL get you reported as a spammer by their admin.  That page has spent years and countless dollars building their fan base and that page.  When you stop to think about it, that is incredibly disrespectful to the page and that company.  Again, you can not win friends and influence people by making them mad.  The admin needs only to click the spam button on your post.  Several of those in a row… Facebook jail my friend or worse.  PLUS, fans do not see that post in their feed and it only shows on the side of the actual page.  Recap: It is ineffective, downright rude and will get you put in jail or you can have your account deleted.
5. Please for the love of all things holy, STOP sending people a friend request and immediately sending them a sales-y message.  It is just spammy… end of story.  It feels self serving, pushy and absolutely icky.  It WILL get you blocked and reported.  Build relationships with people.  Have at least 3 exchanges before you tell them about your business. Recap: Quit being icky in social media.
These tips are good for any platform. Stay tuned for some specific strategies on relationship building in social media and in life.


Michelle Archer is a seasoned, veteran executive in the direct selling industry with 25 years of experience. Her past corporate and field experience gives her a fresh perspective on business, success and direct selling. She partners with young companies and individuals through executive coaching and consulting to explode their potential. Connect with her on Facebook Learn more at http://directsalesinstitute.com/

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